Samsung Galaxy Note 10 To Come With Zoom Audio and Stylus Gestures, According To Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have its launch date on August 7th, and rumors are starting to spread with warp speed. The latest claim that the new smartphone will feature astonishing new features, like gestures controlled through the S pen audio and video that will only record audio waves only from one source.

Two Galaxy Note 10 Models Will be Released And S Pen features

Some other details state that Samsung plans to release two Galaxy Note 10 models, a standard model, and a Pro model which seems plausible seeing how all companies target a more extensive range of customers.

A more knowledgeable source says that the S Pen that will reproduce sounds or effects that will apply to different types of actions made to texts. For example, if you use the S Pen to highlight a sentence, it will make the specific sound for a highlighter marker.

Zoom Audio to come with Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The newest rumor also includes the addition of a new feature called Zoom Audio that was introduced way back in 2013 with the LG G2. This feature promised to nullify additional sounds from the environment, only to record the main sound that you want to record. The outcome for this feature was filled with mixed opinions from the customers or the tech geeks.

The more trust-worthy feature to come is the removal of the Bixby button. This button was used to summon the voice assistant. This will be subject to change, and users will now be able to access the voice assistant with the lower button, like on the delayed Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Note 10 Specs Predictions

Some sources depict a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 that will weigh 198g and a smaller one with 168g, far lighter than the Note9. Display-wise, the smaller Note 10 will come in FHD+, and only the more extensive will have the QHD+. With these details in mind, we can easily conclude the smaller Note 10 will be a bit downgraded compared to Galaxy Note 9.

These rumors look a bit disappointing, seeing how the smaller Samsung Galaxy Note 10 isn’t even on par with its predecessor, the Note 9. We’ll have to wait and see for the official launch.

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