Fortnite 9.41 Update Brings Storm Scout Sniper Rifle And More Improvements

Season 10 of Fortnite is highly anticipated as it will probably start with a bang. But season 9 is not done yet. Although it will not blow your mind, it will still offer up some juicy content. Such as the epic battle between the giant robot and one-eyed monster that looks like a Black Seadevil. Also, Fortnite 9.41 update comes with the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle and additional improvements.

Giant Robot vs. Giant Monster

The monster that was hiding around Polar Peas was ultimately defeated by the giant robot with a swing of a massive hidden sword. But before the monster went down, it took off one of the pink bear’s arms off.

The consequences of the battle are still unclear, but a clear image on the aftermath of the showdown may be given at the end of season 9. As the 1st of August marks the end of the season, players don’t have much time to complete all the remaining challenges. So hurry up!

Fortnite 9.41 Update – Storm Scout Sniper Rifle

The battle royale game will receive a new weapon in the Fortnite 9.41 update, a one called the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle. The update released on the 23rd of July at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET / 1 PM BST. It is available on a variety of platforms including PC, Xbox, Playstation, Switch, and mobile devices. Full patch notes were made available by Epic Games when the update launched.

The description of the rifle says that “knowledge is power,” meaning that if a player equips the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle, they will be able to access weather patterns and find out where storms will hit for example. Some sources say that the rifle has 100 percent accuracy when the scope is not used.

The new rifle in Fortnite 9.41 update will be available in Epic and Legendary versions. With around 75 DPS and 83 damage between the two, a fire rate of 0.9 seconds, a reload time of 2.75 seconds and a magazine capacity of 6 rounds.

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