Mi Browser 10.9.5-g Update is Now Available with Bug Fixes and Software Improvements

If you are searching for a lightweight browser that can provide you with a premium web browsing experience, then you don’t need to look any further than Mi Browser. This app is developed by Xiaomi and it is equipped with lots of cool features that have been specially designed to make it easier for smartphone users to surf the web and to access all the information that they need.

Since Xiaomi is the company directly in charge of Mi Browser, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the browser benefits from full fledged developer support. Therefore, Mi Browser is updated on a regular basis with software improvements and bug fixes. With that said, today we are going to cover the latest update for Mi Browser which sports the 10.9.5-g version number.

Mi Browser 10.9.5-g Update

As previously noted, the latest update for Mi Browser sports the 10.9.5-g version number. This is a maintenance release and the developers of the browser noted in the changelog for the update that it comes with a handful of bug fixes and software tweaks which serve the sole purpose of enhancing the browser’s overall performances.

Top Features

Now that we have presented the latest update for Mi Browser, let’s go ahead and check out what are the top features that the browser has to offer.

  • Low storage requirements and breakneck launch speed bring you online faster than ever before.
  • Block ads automatically to make the web pages you’re browsing neat and clean.
  • Whenever Mi Browser detects a downloadable video, the “Download” button will appear. Just tap the button to save the video on your device.
  • Incognito mode allows you to browse the web safely and privately without leaving any search or browsing history.
  • Use Night mode to protect your eyes while browsing the web in the dark.

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