Apple Works A Mixed-Reality Headset That Combines VR and AR

According to a reliable source, Apple has filed a patent for a new mixed-reality headset which could showcase spectacular 3D virtual and augmented reality content.

The patent was filed in March, but it was published officially a few days ago. It seems that the design is quite sophisticated as the patent mentions the use of cameras which could deliver images of the real world on an advanced display. The user will have the option to interact with this virtual environment in some ways, but the details remain elusive.

It is also mentioned that the display could use a variety of tools which can collect and interpret relevant data, among which we can count head gestures, eye movement, and expressions. The data will be provided in the form of inputs which could be employed by a controller to render specific changes and alterations.

Apple Works A Mixed-Reality Headset That Combines VR and AR

In 2018, another source claimed that Apple was working on a futurist mixed-reality headset that combines VR and AR and could deliver an impressive 16K experience. At that point, it was thought that the headset would feature two 8K displays, a feat which would be quite remarkable. It was also speculated that the device would be standalone, and users wouldn’t need other Apple products to make use of it.

While the rumors are quite exciting, it is essential to take them with a grain of salt since many modifications could be implemented. Apple is also known for the willingness to discontinue the development of products which fail to meet the strict quality standard of the company, with the AirPower wireless charger being the latest victim.

While the product was heavily advertised the Cupertino company seems to have been unhappy with the fact that several issues surfaced during development, among which we can count software bugs, hardware problems and a tendency to overheat. It remains to be seen if Apple will release an official announcement on the mixed-reality headset in the following months.

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