Red Battery Icon On iPhone – What To Do When You See One

Red Battery Icon

Are you seeing a red battery icon on your iPhone’s lock screen? Normally, you’d get useful buttons and information on your lock screen such as notifications, time and date, playback controls for music and more. In some cases, it could display a thermometer, weather or different-colored batteries.

Every icon has useful information and you know their meanings, but you need to understand not just what they are but what to do when they show on your phone. It can save your device from damage.

We’re going to show you what different colors of battery on your iPhone’s lock screen mean and what you can do about it.

How to fix red battery icon on iPhone

Red battery icon

When the battery icon on your iPhone’s lock screen is red, it means it’s time to recharge the phone. Another hint that you need to plug in the iPhone to your charger is the charging cable underneath the red battery icon.

The iPhone will still work, but you won’t quite know how much battery life you have left, unless it shows as a percentage, but you’re better off recharging the device as soon as you can.

If you can’t charge it immediately, go into Low Power Mode to squeeze out some battery life, but if you’re always on the move and charging your phone isn’t always possible, get a portable power bank or USB battery.

Orange battery icon

Sometimes the battery icon on the iPhone’s home screen turns orange owing to Low Power Mode. This feature stretches your battery life for another few hours and turns off unnecessary features and adjusts settings to squeeze as much life out of your battery as it can.

Green battery icon

This means your iPhone battery is charging and the phone is still plugged in. you can look for it if you’re trying to charge and something isn’t working right.

Red thermometer icon

If this icon shows on your lock screen, it can be scary especially if it’s the first time and you’re not used to seeing it however, it’s uncommon, but your iPhone won’t work while the thermometer is showing.

You’ll also get an onscreen message that tells you the iPhone is too hot and has to cool down before you can use it again. It’s a serious warning as your device’s internal temperature is beyond the optimal and could damage the hardware.

iPhone protects itself by turning off some features like stopping charging, turning off or dimming the screen, reducing connection strength to networks, and disabling camera flash. If you see this icon, get your phone to a cool environment, shut it down and wait till it cools before restarting it.

If the icon still shows, contact Apple for support.

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