Deleted Photos On iPhone – How To Recover Them

Deleted Photos On iPhone

Did you accidentally delete important photos from your iPhone? Worry not, we’ll show you how to recover deleted photos on iPhone that you meant to save or share. While it seems that the photo or picture is gone forever, you can get it back depending on several factors.

Below are some troubleshooting steps you can take to retrieve the deleted photos on your iPhone if you’re running iOS 8 or later versions.

How to recover deleted photos on iPhone

Recently deleted photo album

In the Photos app on your iPhone, there’s a Recently Deleted photo album, which is a built-in feature by Apple to help you recover deleted photos. It stores deleted photos for 30 days so you have enough time to restore them before they’re gone forever. To use this:

  • Tap Photos app to open it
  • Go to Albums tab and scroll down to locate Recently deleted
  • Check for your deleted photos with the number of days remaining before iPhone deletes it
  • Tap Select at the upper right side
  • Choose the photos you want to save
  • Tap Recover

To delete the photos, tap Delete at the bottom lower side and free up storage space.

Desktop photo management program

This is another option you can use to recover deleted photos on iPhone. It’s less of a sure thing than using the first method, but may work if you’re desperate. If you sync to a program like Photos in Mac, you could still have a copy of the photo you want. Search for it and add it back to your iPhone if you find it, by syncing via iTunes or email or text to your phone and save to Photos app.

Cloud-based photo tool

This may have a backed-up version of the photo and it could be anything from iCloud to Dropbox. Check also your social networks whether you posted the photo to your feed and download it to your iPhone.

Third-party recovery tool

Some third-party apps allow you to delve into your iPhone’s file system and find hidden files, or browser those “deleted” ones that are still lingering on your device. They can also comb through old backups. There are many such tools but you need to spend time reading reviews to assess their quality before using one.

When all else fails, restore your phone from an earlier backup to a time before you deleted the photos from your iPhone. It removes other changes you made previously or later on and you may lose other things you need.

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