Guide for Fixing Huawei P30 Battery Life Issues

Huawei P30 has a great battery; we all know it, and many of you chose it for this specific reason. It has a capacity of 3550 mAh and can last a whole day with only a single charge and can do many tasks without you having to charge it back up. There have been some cases where some Huawei P30 ran out of juice before their time. Below are some tips for fixing this.

Screen Brightness Set to Automatic

The light that comes from your screen eats up a lot of energy from your battery. And with a 6.1-inch screen that has been fitted with both OLED and FHD technologies, it’s going to be harsh. The screen brightness settings can be accessed at Settings->Display, and then tap the switch next to “Automatic” to activate the feature.

Turn off WiFi

The WiFi function and the Bluetooth can cost you substantial amounts of battery if you forget them activated for an extended period of time. These two are configured to search for wireless devices that are available and that might drain your battery.

To disable WiFi go to Setting-> Wireless&Networks -> WiFi, and switch it Off.

For Bluetooth, go to Settings -> Device connectivity -> Bluetooth, and switch it Off.

Deactivate Auto Synchronization

Running apps in the background are going to empty your battery, and Auto Synchronization does just that. Disable the function to make sure your apps will only synchronize data when you manually launch them. Follow these steps to do that: Go to Settings -> Users&Accounts, and tap the Menu icon and disable it by tapping “Auto-sync data.”

Enable Power Saving Mode

Everyone knows the Power Saving Mode will help you keep your battery life strong. This mode will limit the functions that run in the background, such as GPS and will consume less battery while doing so.

Restart Your Phone

Restarting your phone can be a good thing from time to time, by resetting your phone’s cache memory. When you restart it, some heavy power-draining applications will stop working for some time.

To restart your Huawei P30, you need to long-press the Power button for 10 to 15 seconds, and you will know you did it correctly when you’ll see the Huawei logo displayed on your screen.

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