Jailbreak App: Get the watchOS Look for Your iPhone

If you’re a fan of Apple, you have probably always wanted all the fun from your Apple Watch to your iPhone. Well, we have news. Now you can, because there’s a new jailbreak app that comes from an iOS developer. It gets us the watchOS interface right on our iPhones or iPads.

Its name is Honey, and the iOS developer named Blake Boxberg created it. It allows users to configure their screen in many ways on the iOS devices that run jailbroken versions of iOS 11 and iOS 12.

Hackers usually feel restricted by Apple’s operating systems, so they often find a way to jailbreak the OS in finding a way to customize the user interface. They also do it in order to develop home-brewed apps.

We all know how complicated is the entire process of jailbreaking, and we all know that it comes with risks. It makes any device vulnerable to malware, and there’s no warranty it will work. However, the jailbreak community is quite supportive, and they always alert its users of the possible security risks.

Of course, Apple discourages jailbreaking, but we all know that it is grateful for it – it helps the company find the security flaws in their operating systems. Apple can then solve the problems in the next iOS update for the regular users.

WatchOS on iPhone

Many developers have tried to port the Apple Watch home screen to their iPhones. However, Honey is the best one you can get. It comes with the circular design of apps and puts them correctly to the iPhone display. You can get access to apps with a simple swipe gesture, and you will still have the animated movement that came with Apple Watch. With this app, you can choose Home Screen layouts, and select the form of the icons: square or circle.

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