Is 5G Dangerous for Your Health?

As it happened with the previous cellular technologies, the 5G networks rely on signals that are carried by radio waves. They are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and they are transmitted between an antenna or a mast and your device. We are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation at all times – radio signals, television, mobile phones, and even sunlight.  5G uses a higher frequency wave that earlier mobile networks did, which allowed more devices to get access to the internet at faster speeds. This kind of waves travel for shorter distances, and through urban spaces, so 5G networks need more transmitter masts than the previous technologies required.

What are the concerns?

The electromagnetic radiation that is used by all the mobile phone technologies had made some people worry about some of the health risks. They think that the radiation might cause certain types of cancer. Back in 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that there are no adverse health effects caused by the mobile phone use. However, they have classified all the radio frequency radiation as “possibly carcinogenic.” They might have categorized it as such because there is evidence that falls short when it comes to the exposure, that can cause cancer in humans.

However, in the same class, there are also eating pickled vegetables and using talcum powder. Alcoholic drinks and processed mean represent a higher risk.

A toxicology report was released back in 2018. It has shown that male rats that were exposed to high doses of radio frequency radiation actually developed a type of cancerous tumor in the heart. They presented the whole bodies of the rats to radiation coming from mobile phones for nine hours every day for two years. They started the study before they were even born.

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