iPad Keeps Asking For iCloud Password [FIXES]

iPad Keeps Asking For iCloud Password

If your iPad keeps asking for iCloud password or to sign in to your iCloud account continually, it can be annoying especially if you’re giving it the right information and it seems to ignore it. However, iPad can get stuck at some point, thinking it still needs your iCloud password even when it doesn’t.

You can use a few troubleshooting steps below but before that, you need to first verify that the iPad is asking for the iCloud password and not asking you to sign in to your Apple ID. If it’s the latter, and not the iPad account, you can correct this with other steps.

How to fix iPad keeps asking for iCloud password

Reboot the iPad

This sounds simple but you can restart the iPad to fix some technical or software glitches. You have to power down the iPad first, because tapping the Sleep/Wake button only suspends the iPad.

Power it down by holding down the Sleep/Wake button until you get a slide prompt or query to power it down. Once you slide the query using your finger, the iPad will power down, so leave it in that state for a few seconds and then power it back on using the Suspend/Wake button. When you see the Apple logo on your screen, release the buttons and let it power back up.

What to do if iPad keeps asking for iCloud password and rebooting doesn’t work

Here are a few things you can do if the reboot doesn’t work:

  • Try to sign out of iCloud and then sign back in again to reset the authentication with Apple Servers
  • Open Settings app on your iPad
  • Scroll down and go to the left side and locate iCloud
  • Tap iCloud to bring up iCloud Settings
  • At the bottom of these Settings, there’s the Sign out option
  • Tap Sign out. This will prompt you to verify your choice
  • Before you sign out, iPad will ask if you want to keep the data on your iPad or to remove it by deletion
  • Select Keep the information for now
  • If you Find my iPad is enabled, you’ll be prompted to type in your password so as to disable or turn it off.
  • Wait a few seconds while the sign out process for iCloud takes place and once it’s done, iCloud settings will return you to a sign in
  • Sign in to iCloud again

The latter will correct the issue, but if iPad keeps asking for iCloud password persistently, you can repeat all the steps and select Delete instead of keeping the information. It’ll still be stored in iCloud and restored once you sign back in.

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