iPad Mini Black Screen – There’s An Easy Fix

iPad Mini Black Screen

An iPad Mini black screen doesn’t necessarily mean the device is damaged or broken. If it doesn’t turn on after you push the Home button, you can bring it back to life by taking a few easy steps.

Follow the troubleshooting steps listed below to fix the black screen on your iPad Mini.

How to fix iPad Mini black screen

Turn on the iPad by waking it up

It could be that your iPad Mini is in sleep state and not off. If you press the Sleep/Wake button once or twice and nothing happens, then the iPad is turned off. When it is completely off, the battery isn’t in use, and you can tell it’s on when the Apple logo appears.

Turn up brightness

Sometimes an iPad Mini black screen could mean the brightness levels are turned down low. If the screen looks too dark, open Control Center and turn up the brightness. You can do this by swiping down from the top right side or from the bottom for ios 11.

Plug in and charge the iPad

If the iPad is powered off and doesn’t turn on when the Wake button is pressed down, its battery may be drained completely. Plug it in and check for the battery indicator to display, and then try to turn it on after several minutes of charging. When it has enough energy to wake the device, it will automatically power on.

If the iPad Mini won’t charge, either because it’s too hot or too cold, take it to a room temperature environment and try to charge or start it again. Clean out its charging ports to remove dirt or dust that block the port and hinder charging ability. You can use a plastic toothpick or wooden one to scrape out debris.

Fix iPad cable connections

You could burp the iPad to realign loose cables that cause the black screen on your iPad Mini to get solid connections. To do this:

  • Turn off the iPad
  • Cover the iPad with a towel all around
  • Lightly pat the back of the iPad Mini and turn it on

Reset iPad and put in Recovery mode

You can do a hard reset on the iPad Mini and see if its screen lights up again after the reset. You can also put it into Recovery mode and update the software and then reinstall the latest iOS version.

Remotely erase the iPad

When the iPad Mini won’t turn on, you can partially start it from Recovery mode and remote wipe it to reset the software. Once this is done, update it to the latest iOS version to fix the black screen issue.

If all else fails, visit an Apple expert for further assistance.

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