WhatsApp 2.19.196 Beta Update Rolls Out Today with Major Security Fix

WhatsApp is such a powerful chatting app that it has basically changed the way people interact with each other online. What we mean by this is that WhatsApp has been downloaded and installed by more than one billion users and this makes it possible for everyone to talk with their friends and family members just by accessing WhatsApp’s features instead of placing normal phone calls.

Even though there are many other chatting apps which offer similar features to WhatsApp, there is an essential feature that only WhatsApp offers. This chatting app benefits from full fledged developer support which means that the performances of WhatsApp are being taken to the next level every other week via regular updates. In fact, a new update which introduces a high priority security fix has been made available for download

WhatsApp 2.19.196 Beta Update

The latest update for WhatsApp sports the 2.19.196 beta version and it has been published earlier this morning. The developers of WhatsApp are rolling out the new update via OTA (over the air) channels but unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that all WhatsApp users are eligible to download the new update. The reason behind this is that the new 2.19.196 update is a beta release and therefore, the only WhatsApp users who can download it are those who are enrolled in the beta program.

What’s New?

As previously noted, the new update for WhatsApp comes with a high priority security fix. The security fix is called “CVE-2019-3568” and it takes care of a major breach that made it possible for “bad actors” to intercept the private data and conversations of WhatsApp users. Fortunately, the developers of the app spotted the security breach quickly and without wasting any more time, they released this new update that takes care of the issue.

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