UC Mini Update with Faster Online Video Downloading is Now Available

The first thing that everyone who buys a new smartphone needs to do is to get a powerful mobile browser that makes it easier to surf the web. On the downside of things, popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are infamous for requiring premium hardware specs in order to run without any performance issues. Well, here is where UC Mini comes in and saves the day.

UC Mini is a lightweight browser that can be installed on basically any smartphone, especially since it weighs in at only a couple of MBs. However, what truly makes UC Mini shine when compared against the likes of Google Chrome is the fact that UC Mini provides users with lots of entertainment-focused features such as the ability to download online videos.

UC Mini Update

Even though UC Mini is a powerful mobile browser, the developers who are in charge of it are constantly pushing out new software updates. Their goal is to take the performances of UC Mini to the next level and also to increase the overall user experience that the mobile browser has to offer and they are doing this through a constant stream of updates.

The latest update for UC Mini sports the version number and we are advising everyone who uses UC Mini to download it right now. The only thing that UC Mini users need to do in order to download the new update is to simply keep their smartphones connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and to wait for it to pop up in the notifications panel.

What’s New?

The new update for UC Mini focuses on improving the app’s online video download. One of the biggest changes that UC Mini users are going to notice after installing the new update is that UC Mini now offers a recommended page for online videos.

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