Not Getting Notifications On Samsung Galaxy S10 – Here’s The Fix

Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the best flagship phones the company has to offer. It’s designed incredibly well, and runs Android Pie. However, the operating system comes with several features that optimize your battery, putting apps to sleep but also prevents them from receiving notifications fast enough.

In order to restore your notifications on your S10 phone, here are a few fixes that’ll ensure it won’t put most of your critical apps to sleep.

Fix not getting notifications on Galaxy S10

Turn off battery optimization for certain apps

You can access battery optimization for each app via the app information screen. You can do this faster if you use the phone’s settings and do the same for multiple apps simultaneously. To do this:

  • Open Settings on your S10 phone
  • Tap Apps and then tap the three-dot menu
  • Now tap Special Access
  • Tap Optimize battery usage
  • If there’s no All at the top of the screen on the dropdown menu, tap Apps not optimized
  • Tap All
  • Now tap the toggle switch for battery optimization to be disabled on an app. You can do this for as many apps or few, depending on what you want.

Note: Apps that aren’t battery optimized won’t be relegated into lower power or partially disabled mode. This means they’ll keep sending notifications and pulling them every time.

Turn off Adaptive battery

This puts apps to sleep or disables them based on the frequency of their use. If it doesn’t prioritize your apps, or it delays notifications, do this:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Device care and then tap Battery
  • Now tap the three-dot menu and select Settings
  • Go to the toggle near Adaptive battery and turn it off

Were you able to resolve the notifications issue on your Galaxy S10? Are you now getting notifications as you used to? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.

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