Google Pixel battery life – Here’s How To Extend It

Google Pixel battery life

For a phone of its size, the Google Pixel battery life is impressive but there are users who drain this quickly during busy days. However, the same can’t be said for the 2770 mAh battery in its smaller five-inch model, which doesn’t come with similar longevity, and won’t give you enough charge if you’re a heavy phone user or you forgot to charge it overnight.

Most people can make it through an average day, though, so if you find your Pixel’s battery life coming up short frequently, check out some of our handy tips to help you extend it.

How to extend Google Pixel battery life

Check for apps that drain the battery

Pixel phones use the Doze function, a system-wide function for saving battery life that puts apps and the operating system in low-power state so as to save battery when you’re not using the device. Most of the time, the system can handle and manage multiple apps so you’ll still get notifications even from “sleeping” apps though in some cases apps that aren’t properly coded can keep it awake and drain the battery.

You can also check individual apps and find out which one is draining your battery fast by going to Settings>Battery and looking at the apps form Use since last charge. Some of the usual culprits include Bluetooth, Voice calls, screen or Android OS.

If there’s an app you don’t use often that’s taking up more than two percent of the battery drain, investigate it and see if it’s doing what it’s not supposed to.

Use Battery optimization

Without your management, this feature may not work as it should. It tends to be complicated but if your Google Pixel battery life is affected, you’re best bet is to check it out. Battery optimization is a buildup on what Doze does, identifying your app usage and forcing apps to sleep. To use this feature, open Settings>Battery and then tap the Menu button>Battery optimization.

Use a battery saver mode

Pixel phones come with a battery saver mode, though it isn’t as comprehensive as those in other phones, but it can help extend your battery life. If you enable it, your phone reduces in performance, with limited vibration and location services, plus lower background data. You can use battery saver to add a few hours of battery life fast.

To do this:

  • Tap battery icon
  • Toggle the Battery saver icon to turn it on. You can even have it turn off automatically or on at 15 or 5 percent battery. Don’t leave it on all the time though.

Uninstall unused apps

You can check out your apps and see which ones you need or don’t need. Chances are you’ll find several that you’ve never opened since you got your Pixel device.

Battery pack

This is a last resort, although it doesn’t resolve the root cause of the Google Pixel battery life but it fixes the low battery issue. Find a mobile battery pack that can charge up your phone fast, while being a great backup solution if you can’t stick around power outlets for long.

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