Nvidia Announces RTX Super Graphics Cards Edition

Nvidia adds three brand new graphics cards to its RTX line. The new models are part of a series called “Super.” As rumors all around the internet had already speculated, the RTX 2060, 2070, and 2080 desktop cards will all receive Super updates. The new cards will offer users a boost in speed, while also maintaining the same price range as the older versions.

As the company promises, the Super cards will be about 15% faster than the older edition. Even more, the RTX 2060 Super will also have 8 GB of memory, and the RTX 2080 Super will have a better superior speed of 15.5 Gbps.

The 2070 and 2080 lines will have the same price as their predecessors so that they will be sold for $499 and $699, respectively. On the other hand, since the 2060 model will receive more updates, it will be more expensive, at $399, which is $50 more than the standard version.

Nvidia Announces RTX Super Graphics Cards Edition

Nvidia announced that the 2060 and 2070 cards would be launched on July 9th, while the 2080 Super will become available for purchase on July 23rd. Even more, the company will also sale a bundle of RTX Super cards, including two brand new games.

Nvidia also announced that, over time, the Super versions would replace the standard RTX cards. The company will still keep the 2060 standard edition as a budget-friendly option for users that want the benefits of the RTX line but don’t have so much money to spend.

Soon, the cards will enter their testing phase, so we will know more about their updates and how they perform. If you are curious to know all the details, stay tuned. Soon, we’ll have more information to share with you after testing out the Nvidia RTX Super graphics cards.

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