iPadOS To Make The Next iPad A Better Laptop Replacement

Apple is one of the largest enterprises in the world, but the company had faced stark criticism from critics and fans alike, with many claiming that the company lost the magic it had when Steve Jobs led it.

iPadOS would make the next iPad a real laptop alternative

The release of the original iPad surprised even die-hard fans of the Cupertino giant. Some called it a giant iPhone, and they weren’t wrong since it retained many of the core features offered by the beloved smartphone. The device became a market leader, and it is the favorite tablet device for many companies and services across the world.

While Android and Windows-based alternatives have become serious competition, the iPad is still favored for the mix of features and portability. Apple has started to push it as a reliable alternative to a laptop, but even the most powerful version was hampered by the lackluster OS, which was built with iPhones in mind and then ported to the iPad tablets.

At $799 for the base model, the iPad Pro line aimed to conquer the productivity sector, but iOS 12 failed to impress many potential customers. Apple decided to address this issue and announced iPadOS during WWDC 2019.

Some of the iPadOS Features

As the name may infer, iPadOS is a standalone operating system built from the ground up with the iPad in mind. While the OS is packed with a large number of features, Apple added enough to make it exciting without transforming into a device which outshines the new MacBooks. This is not an easy job, but it had to be done.

Fresh Files app

The Files app received a significant makeover, and many of the features desired by fans make an appearance, including support for external storage drives.

Reinvented Home Screen

The home screen has remained intuitive, but the look is more professional and organized. It is important to keep in mind the fact that iPadOS is still in beta and more features could be added in the future, but, as it looks right now, it would indeed make next iPad a laptop replacement.

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