PlayStation 5 Arrival Date Reportedly Unveiled

Sony hasn’t officially announced its PlayStation 5, the most expected next-generation masterpiece. As a matter of fact, it has yet to tease a release date for the console. Having said that, we do know the Xbox Scarlett will be released sometime in the holiday season of 2020, most probably in November, as so rumors say the PS5 will also launch around this date.

At least, that is what a new report states. And as you know, a lot of industry analysts are also speculating the system will launch then as well, even though a few implied the console would not arrive until the year 2021.

The report doesn’t give any more details about the console’s launch date, but considering that Xbox Scarlett will be coming during holiday 2020, it can be expected that the PS5 could arrive around that window of time as well.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were released very close to each other. The PS4 was launched on November the 15th, 2013 in North America, and Xbox One arrived seven days later, on November the 22nd. However, this wasn’t the case of the PS3 and Xbox 360. The latter hit the markets on November the 22nd, 2005, and the former was released a year later on November the 17th, 2006. Simply put, there is a precession of the consoles being launched very close to each other, but there is also precedence of both releasing far apart from each other.

If Sony will keep the silence regarding the PS5’s release date, more people will think it will launch in 2021. This, though, seems improbable. For one, neither consoles will interrupt the holiday launch tradition as it would do wrong for the business.

Some may say that Sony wouldn’t mind the actual generation of consoles to last a while longer, considering the huge success the PS4 has been. However, given that Switch has got a revision coming sometime soon, Stadia releasing this year, and Xbox Scarlett launching next year, Sony has no other choice than to put the PlayStation 5 to the market.

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