Screen not working after calls on Android – How To Fix It

screen not working after calls

If you’ve noticed your Android device’s screen not working after calls, probably it turns black once the call ends, there are several causes to this problem. The screen on most smartphones and tablets or mobile devices is critical so if it’s not working, your device isn’t able to do anything.

Some of the reasons why you get Android screen not working after calls include faulty or damaged proximity sensors and software problems.

If proximity sensors are damaged or not working well, you’ll notice the screen turns black or doesn’t awake after calls. Software problems also affect the function of the proximity sensors which rely on software to ensure information is carried from the sensors to your device’s processor for the screen to work as it should. In case of a bug or glitch, the screen won’t work well.

How to fix screen not working after calls on Android

Quick fixes

Check your phone’s case, because some are phone-specific, to ensure sensors aren’t covered. Generic cases may cover sensors and cause the screen not to work after calls. Try to remove it and make a call and see if it helps, and if it does, replace the case.

Clean the area where the proximity sensors are located

Sometimes dirt or oil may settle in front of the proximity sensors, so it senses that the screen is close and won’t send signals to turn the screen on after calls end. Wipe the area above the screen with a soft cotton cloth as the sensors are found there.

Use the proper screen protector

If you’re facing the screen not working after calls problem, it could be a result of your phone’s screen protector. If it wasn’t meant for your device, the screen may not work after calls. You can remove it or cut the area where the sensor is located and see if it works.

Reset proximity sensor using an app

Google Play Store has several third-party apps that can help you reset sensors when they don’t work as they should. Recalibrating the sensor using an app can fix the problem, but pick one with good positive reviews.

Boot into Safe Mode

To do this:

  • Turn off the phone
  • Press and hold the volume down button and power button simultaneously until System Recover menu displays
  • Release both buttons and use volume buttons to highlight Safe Mode, and power button to select it
  • The device will restart and screen will display Safe Mode

If you call and the screen works, then a third party app on your device may be the problem.

Perform a factory reset

If none of the above solutions worked, try a factory reset using these steps:

  • Open Settings and tap Backup & Reset
  • Now tap Reset phone
  • Tap OK to confirm

If the screen not working after calls issue persists, the sensors could be damaged due to excessive pressure or a fall. In this case, see an Android expert or repair shop.

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