Minecraft Earth Vs. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Vs. Pokemon Go – Which Would Conquer The AR Games Sector?

The Augmented Reality (AR) section became more and more known and loved, as the games created with this technology are more fun and interactive. Ones of masterpieces made with AR games are Pokemon Go, Ingress, and Zombies Run.  Pokemon Go always stood as the king of this kind of games, until its rivals came along in the shape of Minecraft Earth and the recently released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Minecraft Earth Vs. Harry Potter; Wizards Unite Vs. Pokemon Go – The Battle For Supremacy In AR Games Field

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” Albus Dumbledore said these words in the Harry Potter series, so we are here to make these games stand up to each other in the battle for the supremacy of AR.

In comparison, Minecraft Earth will have so many things in common with Pokemon Go, but, at the same time, the multiplayer feature will differ. In Minecraft Earth, you will have the power to create an interface between reality and Minecraft places because of the function that allows multiple devices to connect to the game. Pokemon Go doesn’t allow you to cooperate with other players, but Minecraft Earth does, so it’s pretty clear who won this fight.

Minecraft Earth has some elements from his predecessor, like collecting resources and fight against the monsters, and the EXP points will be present for this version too, but Pokemon Go beats Minecraft only by having a more extensive fan base. The excitement was more significant for Pokemon Go.

Minecraft Earth Vs. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Vs. Pokemon Go – Conclusions

We didn’t forget about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite but being a newly launched game, we can only tell for now that it resembles with Pokemon Go, going on the same baseline, the difference is in the fact that the game makes you meet the beasts with spells. This warrior brings a health bar systems of player and opponents, but since the game is new, it might take a while until we figure out all his pluses and minuses.

Feeling the tension rising? With Minecraft Earth in beta phase and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite being a “newborn,” it is still early to have an exact analysis of these three games, but, if we think about the UI and the interactions, it is not too soon to state that Pokemon Go is, for now, the king of the AR games section. We are aware of the fact that they are slightly different, but the comparison was made having the users’ interactive basis and their experience in the games segment in mind.

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