Apple’s New Mac Pro Will Be Built In China By Quanta Computer

Apple has decided it will stick with the label on the back of its devices, where it says the device is designed in California, assembled in China. With Quanta Computer winning the deal to manufacture the new Mac Pro, Apple is going to build its new Mac Pro in China.

The product is top of the line in the computing department from Apple. Its design has been something quite odd, taking the form of cheese graters and stylish trash cans. But what’s on the inside works for lots of business and creative people to do their jobs.

Apple’s New Mac Pro

Let’s talk a little about the Mac Pro. It is a machine designed for professional use. This was done so from its beginning in 2006. But it is costly, with the latest edition costing around $6000. This has been a device that has escaped the “assembled in China” label so far. Being a point of pride for Americans due to its assembly in the state of Texas.

So, will upcoming models be way cheaper now with the switch to China? Never say never is a good thing to keep in mind but let’s not get our hopes up.

Quanta Computer

The company is based in Taiwan and has been active since 1988. Apple has previously worked with them on the Apple Watch, the MacBook Pro, and the Air. Many companies, such as LG, Blackberry, and Cisco, have worked with Quanta Computer as well, making the Taiwanese company a true titan in the tech manufacturing department.

There is not an alternative reason why Apple chose to manufacture overseas. The only domestically assembled product made for increased costs. And people are scared about Apple prices as it is, with no need to see them rise because of a snag in their cost-cutting policies.

What about the trade war between China and the US? Recently, Trump and Xi agreed to a temporary timeout, but that’s not the final decision. Apple products have the advantage of getting the Taiwanese company as a manufacturer. Quanta Computer can, in turn, switch factories from China to somewhere else or possibly ship the new Mac Pro devices from different ports to avoid the US-China trade war.

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