Gmail For Android Began Showing Dark Mode Option

Along with the appearance of Android Q, the upcoming and the tenth major release of the Android mobile operating system, Google plans to implement the System-Wide Dark Theme. It still comes as a surprise that the company has many apps without the Dark Mode, and Gmail for Android is one of them.

Gmail for Android began showing Dark Mode option

A new report got our attention as it shows that, after Google Drive and Keep got the Dark Mode theme, all the attention of the developers is on rolling out Dark Mode in Gmail. It was about time as we were all amazed about the fact that the world’s most popular mail app didn’t receive it until now.

There are some signs of the Dark Mode rolling out in Gmail, as stated by AndroidPolice, but there is a long way until it will be fully functional. There are some signs of the dark theme in Gmail for Android as the data miners found it out after entering into the code of the app. However, the function is not available for everyday users as there is still no button for enabling or disabling the Dark Mode.

Gmail v2019.06.09 is reportedly the only version to have Dark Mode, at the moment

Gmail for Android, the free email service developed by Google, is the most trusted and used service of its kind all over the world. The developers are continually improving this app with new features and bug fixes to optimize the experience of its users. Knowing that it puts us in the right position to ask ourselves what is happening with the Dark Mode for Gmail for Android and why this new and fresh feature is not still fully available for all Gmail versions.

It seems that there is only one version of Google’s mailing app, Gmail v2019.06.09, where the Dark Mode is available, so, if you’re lucky enough to have this one installed, you will get to enjoy the dark theme in Gmail for Android, but only with some limitations.

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