Google Stops Producing Google Tablets, But It Would Focus On Laptops

We have bad news and good news about Google. We’ll start with the bad news. In case you are using a Google or Google Pixel Slate tablet, you should know that the company announced that their interest in building these kinds of devices is now null. Accordingly, Google sops the production of Google tablets.

According to a report from Computerworld, after the release of Google Pixel Slate in 2018, the first tablet to be powered by Intel processors, Google is now announcing that it does not have any plans to produce the next two ones that were planned to be the successors of the Pixel Slate tablet.

Rick Osterloh, the chief of hardware at Google Inc., stated that, besides this news, that the company will focus in the future on building laptops.

Google stops producing tablets to focus more on laptops with Chrome OS

Nevertheless, there is also some good news here: even though Pixel Slate will probably remain in the history as Google’s last released tablet, according to Osterloh, the company’s Android and Chrome OS teams will still be committed on collaborating with their partners “on tablets for all segments of the market (consumer, enterprise, education)”.

We can’t judge Google for not showing any more interest in producing this kind of devices, as Pixel Slate wasn’t a real success due to its poor software and its high price. In addition to this, comes the problem that the company didn’t put any pressure on the Android developers in supporting bigger screens in the close past, and this is not a thing to ignore when you have applications on your phone that don’t scale as expected.

It’s kind of sad that we will not see tablets from Google in a world already dominated by Apple, but the expectations in this segment of the market were pretty high. Maybe that was a smart choice for the company that would now focus on making laptops, including keyboardless convertible 2-in-1 models, that will most likely have the Chrome OS.

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