Facebook Lite Beta Update is Now Live with Faster Performances Than Ever

There are lots of powerful apps that Android fans can download and install on their smartphones in order to get access to premium features. One of those apps is Facebook Lite. This is a lightweight version of the famous social media app and despite weighing in at only a couple of MBs in storage space, Facebook Lite still delivers a premium user experience that makes it easier for users to get in touch with their friends and family members.

To make things even better, the software of Facebook Lite has been optimized to the point that it uses less mobile data than any other apps when loading the newsfeed or downloading media. This is why Facebook Lite is really popular with Android fans who don’t have access to powerful smartphones or a rich mobile data plan.

Facebook Lite Beta Update

The reason why Facebook Lite is making headlines on our website today is because it has just received a new update which sports the beta version number. Since this is a beta update that we are talking about, then all Facebook Lite users who want to access all the improvements that it brings are required to enroll in the official Facebook Beta program.

What’s New?

The developers of Facebook Lite want to make sure that the app delivers fast performances and this is why they made sure to equip the new update with a handful of under the hood software tweaks. This means that even though Facebook Lite users might not see the changes that the software tweaks make, they are certainly going to feel them since the overall performances of Facebook Lite are being taken to the next level.

The last thing that we want to note about Facebook Lite’s latest beta update is that it also introduces a bunch of bug fixes which take care of various issues.

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