Huawei Android-based EMUI 10 – Here’s Everything We Know About It

Since the Trump administration ordered Android to stop giving updates to Huawei, the Chinese company’s future has been quite uncertain. If the US and China do not reach an agreement, Huawei’s Android license might get revoked, meaning that Huawei smartphones will stop receiving updates. In the meantime, let’s see everything we know about Huawei Android-based EMUI 10.

Most people did not believe that Huawei will be able to upgrade services with EMUI 10 based on Android 10, but luckily, Google had already provided Huawei with the source code. The company decided to keep working on the next EMUI version, hoping that the situation with the US will be fixed.

This version is called EMUI 10 based on the name of the prerelease firmware package. Using the DevCheck app, it can be proven that EMUI 10 indeed running on the Android platform version “10” (Android Q.) Here is the first look at EMUI 10, courtesy of

Everything we know about Huawei EMUI 10, Android-based GUI

First of all, the user interface looks pretty much the same, as you can see in the images below. The launcher, notifications, status bar, and Settings are identical to EMUI 9.1, which was based on Android 9 Pie.

XDA Developers revealed that one of the main new features of EMUI 10 is the ability to choose the option only to allow apps to access your location while they are open. Even more, one app that did get a makeover is the Camera app. The new look is more minimal and has a new, more aesthetically-pleasing font. Besides, camera modes are arranged in a new layout.

These are some of the other new features in Huawei EMUI 10:

  • Dutch language is activated and works as expected
  • HiSuite doesn’t recognize the phone anymore
  • New logo
  • Performance improvements

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