Opera GX, The “First Ever Gaming Browser,” To Be Launched By Opera

The Norwegian browser company Opera announced Opera GX, the “first ever gaming browser,” according to PM Maciej Kocemba.
In the Opera GX introduction video, Kocemba starts with the question we all have in mind: “What is a game browser?.” Then, he explained to us that Opera GX is the first gaming browser that is more interested in minimizing system requirements and providing a custom browser for PC gamers, instead of a browser that does the hard work for gaming itself.

Opera GX would minimize resource consumption

GX Control Panel, the main characteristic of this browser, allows gamers to determine how much of the system’s CPU and RAM are assigned to the browser, so they will be able to stream content from, let’s say, Twitch while playing and not to slow their computer down.

“We wanted our browser to work out of the box, lean and clean,” as Kocemba states in the video. The gamers had to shut down their browsers to not slow down their gaming experience until now. Coming up with the GX Control feature, Opera GX wants to make people’s games run smoothly without compromising what they do on the Web.

The “first ever gaming browser,” Opera GX, would come with Twitch integration

In an E3 announcement, Kocemba said that “Running a game requires a lot of effort from your machine. Even more so if you are streaming while you play.”

An essential characteristic in the Opera GX is Twitch integration. Placed in the sidebar, it allows users to log in to the service directly through it. With other features, like getting notified when streamers you follow go live, catching up with gaming news and deals, matching your setup, blocking ads, chatting using integrated messenger, and controlling your privacy, you can say that’s a funny business. More details on the “first ever gaming browser,” Opera GX, would come out soon.

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