iPhone SE 2 – Here’s What To Expect From Apple’s Potential Budget Phone

Since the beginning of times… oh well, since the smartphones were being developed and put on the market, they have been assiduously competing with each other. All the brands have been battling in the budget and the mid-budget range. But, Apple’s iPhone SE was the best of its range. Now, some rumors suggest that iPhone SE 2 might come out this year, so here’s what to expect from it.

In the budget range, there are lots of manufacturers that compete with each other. For example, the Redmi K20 Pro which has the price tag set at about $360 is competing with the OnePlus 7 Pro that comes with the price tag of around $720. Apple has released its iPhone XR at a lower price than its regular lineups, but even so, it was quite costly, and not many people could afford it. Accordingly, iPhone SE 2 might be a successful release.

The iPhone XR came with a 720-pixels display; thus, it failed in the market. The consequence? Apple had to make some insane price cuts. We now say it is time for the iPhone SE 2 2019 to appear, and we are excited! So, what to expect from it?

What to expect from iPhone SE 2

Headphone Jack

Apple removed the headphone jack with the release of the iPhone X lineup, and even the brand new smartphones delivered by Apple didn’t have it. Note that Google has brought back the feature with its Pixel 3a, as many required it again.

Perhaps Apple will consider re-implementing the headphone jack on the iPhone SE 2 device after seeing that its rival is bringing it back as per request. This will make the phone the only choice for the Apple fans who need the feature.

Upgraded Specifications

iPhone XI’s renders depict that the iPhone 11 will not remove the annoying notch. Therefore, we cannot expect from the company to ditch it from the iPhone SE 2, as well. However, the smartphone should come with a better display, a powerful chipset, a high-life battery, so it will make it a better choice.

Price tag

Because of the US ban, Huawei suffers at the moment, and Apple’s sales will be boosted by the iPhone SE 2 if the company will come up with a reasonable price tag. The iPhone SE 2 would be the most affordable Apple smartphone people could and would want to purchase.

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