Previous App Tracking Activity Revealed by iOS 13

Privacy in your own hands again

Your privacy less abused and also detailed

Apple’s next software update, iOS 13 will focus heavily on your privacy, relating to the data collected from your device by apps you allow to snoop around there.

Information about this change has been confirmed via beta testing by the people at 9to5Mac and others as well. They have discovered periodic popups, on several OS versions including IpadOS, that prompts the user to confirm the ongoing level of location sharing an app is currently making use of. The user can access this information on a more visual level as well, by looking at a map that shows previous app tracking locations.

Furthermore, the user will also be provided with a description of the reason an app requires specific tracking data.

After reviewing the information provided by Apple regarding privacy, you will be able to reduce the location data you transmit if you are not satisfied.

Not all Apple platforms will benefit from these updates due to it being a non-issue, as MacOS, TVOS and WatchOS do not have the location transmitting function or no do require it.

 You probably won’t care about it anyway

There is a high chance that this IOS change will not affect the way you use your Apple device. If an app is tracking your location, there is usually a good reason that you already know about.

However, in the case you use a new app in a hurry, without knowing the odds and ends, these new functions will give you an edge so you can make an informed decision.

Your traveling habits should be further safeguarded by the updates in IOS 13 by hopefully persuading sneakier developers to think twice before implementing intrusive tracking features in their apps and obligating them to provide solid reasoning for collecting your data.

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