OnePlus 7 vs. OnePlus 6T: Best Specs and Improvements Comparison

Both OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro have recently been released, OnePlus 7 coming with a more traditional system, sticking to the company’s standard models, especially to the face of its predecessor, OnePlus 6T, while the OnePlus 7 Pro is a top-of-the-line smartphone, with a price to match its worth.

Keeping this in mind, we compared the OnePlus 7 and its predecessor, OnePlus 6T handsets in the overview below. Evidently, the OnePlus 7 is an upgrade in several ways, but it comes with features OnePlus 6T has as well.


Both handsets feature a 6.41-inch 1080 x 2340 display with a pixel ratio of about 402 pixels per inch, and an on-screen fingerprint scanner, even though the OnePlus 7’s scanner is a bit bigger, so it’s easier to use. The OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 7 both have a similar design. Unlike the OnePlus 7 Pro, there is no pop-up front camera, but both OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 6T have a tiny teardrop notch in the upper side of the screen, with a thin bezel below the display as well.

The back of the phones is made of glass and has a dual-lens camera. The OnePlus 6T comes in Thunder Purple, Mirror Black, and Midnight Black, while the OnePlus 7 is only made available in Mirror Grey.


Although both smartphones feature dual-lens cameras, the OnePlus 7 has a combination of a 48MP f/1.7 primary lens and a 6MP telephoto lens, while the OnePlus 6T comes with a 16MP f/1.7 lens and a 20MP f/1.7 lens.‚Äč

The OnePlus 7 has also enhanced camera processing software, providing HDR+ and super-resolution. Both handsets sport a 16MP selfie camera.

Battery Life

There is no difference in this category, as both smartphones have a 3,700mAh battery. However, OnePlus 6T’s battery seems to offer a longer battery life than its successor.


OnePlus 7 is powered by Snapdragon 855 processor, while the OnePlus 6T sports a Snapdragon 845. The latter was top-of-the-line when it was released, but the more powerful Snapdragon 855 chipset has substituted it.

The OnePlus 7 also has UFS 3.0, which is a faster kind of storage than the UFS 2.1 storage used by the OnePlus 6T. What the OnePlus’ newest device doesn’t have are more than two RAM versions. The OnePlus 6T also has a 6GB or 8GB to chose from.


The OnePlus 7 will sport a price tag of around $645 for the 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and approximately $710 for the 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage version.

The game goes for OnePlus 6T, which started at about $549 for 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and going up to around $629 for the model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

Which Phone Should You Get?

There is no doubt that OnePlus 7 is a better model than the OnePlus 6T. However, it seems only to be greater than its predecessor on specific categories, such as the chipset, storage, and camera. But the design, display, and the battery life appear to be the same as the OnePlus 6T.

The OnePlus 7 isn’t an extremely impressive handset, mainly because it was released with OnePlus 7 Pro together. However, it takes everything impressive about the OnePlus 6T and makes it better.

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