iPhone 11 – Latest News On The Upcoming Apple’s Device

The iPhone XL is highly expected by fans worldwide and is said to be one of the three new iPhone 11 smartphones that Apple will launch sometime this year, most probably by the end of the summer. The iPhone XL is similar to the other two devices, but it will be the biggest among the three models, featuring a larger screen and measuring 6.5 inches.

The smartphone will come at a more affordable price since it will feature an LCD screen and not an OLED display. As said by The Wall Street Journal, the dropped price of the iPhone XL might mean that it will sell faster than the other two iPhone 11 smartphones with an OLED display.

iPhone 11 XL Design and Features

As said by KGI Securities, Apple’s all three new smartphones will feature a FaceID system instead of a home button, which means that Apple will remove the Touch ID as well on these models.

The iPhone XL and the two other models will come with edge-to-edge screens and will have enhanced data transmission quality, and also will have the stainless steel metal frame ditched. There will also be improvements and adjustments on the phone’s processing speed, screen resolution, and battery life. The iPhone XL is claimed to feature 3D sensors, complete glass carcass, and a curved screen. All three upcoming devices will be powered by the A12 processor with enhanced LTE chips to have a faster LTE.

iPhone X series might be discontinued

The launch of the new supersized iPhone 11 will put an end to the iPhone X series, which is rumored to be discontinued after Apple will release the new generation of devices.

Apple did the same thing with the iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise. Also, a motive why the iPhone X will not be produced anymore is that it didn’t do that well as expected because of its size and price tag. However, the iPhone XL will replace it.

iPhone 11 XL latest news

Many fans and users seemed to believe that the upcoming iPhone XL will come under other names, such as iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Plus. New reports unveiled the fact that Apple has decided to name the new devices of 2019 as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R.

Even though the iPhone 11 series is the most expected smartphones lineup of the year, it is not as impressive as it seems. New renders revealed the colors of the iPhone 11, and they are Gold, Silver, and Space Gray. The iPhone 11 is different than earlier models in various ways.  One of the difference is the camera bump that will feature three lenses. Also, the mute switch is smaller and round, very much alike of the iPad Pro and it slides down on the glide and not from front to back.

iPhone 11 release date

The iPhone XL or iPhone 11 is scheduled to appear on retail shops sometime in August. The price is rumored to go up to $999 or more. The iPhone 11 smartphones series will not be exactly cheap, considering that other low-cost Apple devices have an average price tag of $605.

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