Fix Chrome Password Manager Not Working

Chrome password manager

A password manager helps you remember your login details in the sites you frequent the most. Chrome password manager is a built-in feature that came with the release of Chrome 69 from Google, during the browser’s 10th anniversary.

The redesigned feature helps you generate, remember, and fill in your login details automatically whenever you enter a site you visit a lot.

However, some users have reported issues with Chrome password manager not working especially failing to auto-generate or auto-fill passwords on websites.

By default, this tool should be on in the settings, but there are still issues despite the setting being enabled in Chrome.

Other users say the password manager doesn’t display to ask whether or not you want to save login credentials for a website.

We’ve rounded up tried and tested fixes for these issues so you can get back to safe and peaceful browsing in Chrome.

How to fix Chrome password manager when it isn’t working

Enable and re-enable password manager

To do this:

  • Open Chrome
  • Click your profile photo
  • Select Passwords
  • Re-enter your Google account credentials
  • Check for Auto sign-in and Offer to save passwords to see if they’re ON. If Chrome asks you to generate a secure password, and your login credentials are auto-filled when you visit a site, then it is working well again

If the feature is enabled in Chrome, the problem is still there. You can disable and re-enable again.

Use Preview feature

Sometimes Chrome may fail to detect the necessary fields hence the password manager won’t autofill your credentials. You can use the Preview feature to fill in login details. To do this:

  • Click on your profile photo
  • Select Passwords
  • Scroll to find the website you want to sign into (check for the preview eye icon)
  • Click on it and enter your computer login password so you can see the site’s login password
  • Copy and paste it into the login box and sign in

Other solutions you can try include logging out and then log back in, clearing cookies, or if nothing works, report it to Google support.

You may have to uninstall and reinstall Chrome as a last resort if Chrome password manager won’t work. This should be a last resort fix, so a fresh download and clean install may help.

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