Windows 10 Received Another Disappointing Update

Microsoft has rolled out an update for Windows 10, an optimization that was highly expected and needed. However, users are profoundly disappointed. As the details of the update are surfacing, it is not at all what hundreds of millions of users had waited up until now.

The tech giant, Microsoft, has previously promised Windows 10 users ‘control, quality and transparency’ for minor optimizations, and major ones as well. This was stated when Windows 10 1903 build rolled out. However, things stay differently as Windows 10 Home users, who account for the lion’s share of the OSeS 800M-powerful userbase, are the ones that are in the loss.

CNet simply explains the new rules, and it says that Windows 10 Home users cannot automatically hold off any updates from now on. All they get is the alternative to postpone updates for up to 35 days manually. In addition, this is a procedure you have to continue repeating every week to implement this postpone process to each and every new update coming up.

Latest Windows 10 update is another huge disappointment for the users

The huge problem, however, and the one with serious effects Windows 10 users, is that Microsoft will implement ‘end-of-service-dates’ to all Windows 10 versions. When the date arrives, the next update will automatically be installed, even if the users have manually delayed them. In other words, you have absolutely no choice.

To know the exact date your version of Windows 10 will reach the end-of-service implementation, you need to manually find the version number of the Windows 10 by going to ‘Settings,’ then to ‘System,’ and finally ‘About.’ After this process, find the number on the official Windows 10 Release Information website.

Most of the users are not going to know all this. However, what Microsoft has done with the new update grosses the users. Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education users are able to set automatic delays procedures for quality updates and also for feature updates, but the latest two variants get to extend the period to only 35 months for a few significant upgrades.

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