Apple To Shut Down iTunes Soon

iTunes, Apple’s iconic music library management software, will soon be terminated, according to a new report from Bloomberg. According to sources, the company plans on announcing the official retirement of the platform at its Worldwide Developers Conference on today, June 3rd.

However, if you are a hardcore Apple fan, there is no need to worry. Apparently, Apple will launch a brand-new music app to replace iTunes, along with new separate platforms for television and podcasts. The modifications should not come as a surprise, as rumors about them have been circulating for a few years now.

According to Bloomberg, the new music app will provide the same services like iTunes, alongside several new features.¬†Of course, the retirement of iTunes is still a sad event. It will mark the end of an era in Apple’s and the world’s technological development’s history.

iTunes to be shut down by Apple

We can’t overlook the fact that iTunes provided a much-needed solution to combat piracy of music. Powerful companies, like Sony and Microsoft, were also trying to develop platforms that could serve as digital music stores, but Apple was the one that managed to create an attractive and straightforward software that quickly became popular.

However, since iTunes started to receive many complaints in recent years, we can all agree it was high time Apple did something about it. In an interview for Rolling Stone in 2013, Warner Music VP said: “It really took a company that was able to bridge those two things and come up with an attractive consumer product,” referring to Apple.

After all, it makes sense that Apple decided to cut off iTunes. With apps like Spotify and Apple Music, the need for a dedicated music library has been drastically reduced nowadays.

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