‘Pokémon Go’ and Apple Watch are saying goodbye after July 1st

Are you using your Apple Watch to play the game and advance your Pokémon Go?

If the answer is yes, you might want to reconsider that, as Niantic decided to end the support for the Apple Watch after July 1st and you will not even be able to connect your watch to the “Gotta Catch’Em All” game.

The explanation came very easy and natural: it’s not useful anymore, having the Adventure Sync that can track steps, hatch Pokémon on your phone or earn Buddy Candy, the focus of Niantic will be on one device using the feature so you won’t have to split your attention anymore.

Not being able to use your Apple Watch for Pokémon Go doesn’t mean that your wrist device will be worthless. Having Adventure Sync tracking data through the fitness app and the data sent from the Apple Watch will come as a big help for your gym routine and for your progress.

So let’s not look at this like a withdrawal from the Apple Watch ecosystem, with it still having intelligent uses.

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