Final Fantasy XVI New Update – What We Know So Far?

Square Enix is widely known for taking their time with new developments. The gaming studio’s next big thing to expect is the remaking of Final Fantasy VII. However, we can skip some steps and look at the anticipated Final Fantasy XVI, even though we know it will take some time until its release.

While we don’t know whether the FFXVI will be like its predecessor or totally go on its own, by reviewing gaming websites and also Reddit, we see that people are already talking about the Final Fantasy XVI, and what exactly they want with it: fans sort of want more of what XV came with but much better.

People absolutely loved the partly open world of Final Fantasy XV, when the game started. The scenario became more straightforward as the game continued, but the opening episodes were incredibly charismatic.

What fans, in fact, are expecting is a mix of The Witcher 3 and The Elder Scroll but in the Final Fantasy world. And that is sometimes totally crazy and formidable at the same time.

As a matter of fact, there appears to be a general agreement that a completely open world game is the next thing and that anything else would be perceived as a big reverse step for the Final Fantasy games. However, others might emphasize that Final Fantasy XIV, the online MMORPG gives off more than sufficient of a satisfactory world for players. Yet, Final Fantasy XVI will surely go a step further with the open world concept than XV did, and this is an impressive thing.

The place where most opinions are mixed is the battle. A lot of people enjoyed the combat resembling Kingdom Hearts model in FFXV, but others were nostalgic for the party based systems of the older games. More precisely, fans indicate the system used in Final Fantasy XII, not long ago launched for Switch, as an instance of what a party system in a 3D world would look like. However, this particular area is all the time uncertain as Square Enix always tries new things regarding the combat.

What is for sure is that fans want life sim elements, and they want it to be plentiful, such as interaction, immersion, and everything that sounds like the best open world games on the market.

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