Is EA Going to Release Sims 5?

The Sims is a life simulation video game series developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts (EA). It sold in nearly 200 million copies and is one of the best-selling video games series of all times.

That being said, their last game, The Sims 4 had a mix reception from their fans that and the sales did not reach EA financial expectations. Gamers were surprised to see that simple features like basements, swimming pools or toddlers were missing from the game and following a petition launched by some fans, they got them back through free patches. The game had already nine major expansions and there are three more planned so it less likely that any new sequel would be announced at the upcoming E3. Because EA seems to focus on more profitable different game style genre like battle royale, many fans worry that the Sims 4 might be the last one from this amazing series. Although there is nothing official yet, EA and Maxis have given some information that there might be plans for a potential new episode of the franchise.

From a financial point of view it makes more sense that EA will stick with The Sims 4 that generates money from its expansions rather than starting all over a new title.

It is also less likely that a game developer would release a totally new game with years of expansions and other DLCs just before a new generation of consoles will be released. Because next year, in 2020 is going to be the 20th anniversary of The Sims franchise, there are some speculations that perhaps EA and Maxis will then reveal their plans for the Sims 5. It is not far-fetched to assume so considering that gam technology is developing further and there is a new trend to include virtual reality components. We can only guess that EA and Maxis might be testing a new style of VR game.

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