Will GTA 5 Come for Nintendo Switch?

Everyone has heard about GTA, the action game launched in the ’90s and that’s famous even today. GTA 5 is another game from the series, with nearly 110 million copies from the moment it was released. The developers have expanded the success of the GTA 5 with the GTA Online. The gameplay from GTA 5 is the same as in the other series. The players will take the role of one criminal from a big city, and you participate in organized crime.

GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch

The GTA 5 was released in May 2015, and the gameplay was to take missions from the kingpins from the city and to complete them for making progress in the game. You can drive a taxi, buses, fly helicopters, you can street race, and firefight. GTA 5 has five mods, and we will present you some features as well.

  • The Natural Vision Is Remastered – this mod was succeeded with realistic graphics, over 1200 hours of work, and 40 hours of video footage for research, and photographs on the streets of LA.
  • The After Hours SP Mod – with this mod you can upload and play customer music in the GTA single player mode, by activating the menu at the reception, and also select the décor and DJ for the club.
  • The Realistic Damage System – for having a more realistic experience, even the injury must be the same. So the wounds are having five states – none, light, medium, massive, and deadly, and you will experience nerve damage, heart attacks, internal bleeding, limb collapsed, and many more.
  • You also have Warfare Mod, Complex Control, Gang and Turf, Grand Theft Space, Project London, and Dragon Ball Script. Here you will have military showdowns, different character skins, new abilities, transportation from the urban area to the cosmos, and your own murder squads.

To sum up, GTA 5 for Nintendo Switch is possible, but the game has enormous size, so the memory must be extended with a memory card. Even on the Xbox One, GTA 5 has 45 GB, but looking at the game’s feature, it’s worthy of having it on Switch.

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