Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone

Ghost Touch

You’ve probably experienced ghost touch with your iPhone when it performs actions on its own, and the screen reacts to touches or apps open without your input.

However spontaneous, these actions can be irritating, and could use some simple fixes, though there are instances when you’d have to take your iPhone to Apple for further assistance.

Therefore, it’s not a rare occurrence; it can affect just about any iPhone model, but you can fix it using the simple solutions listed here.

How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone

Clean the touchscreen, remove the screen protector and iPhone case

This prevents ghost touch by clearing dust and debris that interferes with how the iPhone detects touch.

Get a lint-free cloth that’s soft and dampen it with warm water (not household cleaners or peroxides) and then gently wipe the touchscreen from end to end. Make sure no moisture gets into any of the phone’s openings.

The screen protector may also disrupt the operations of the touchscreen. Remove it carefully and slowly, peeling gradually from one corner. If it is cracked or damaged, get an expert to remove it for you.

If your iPhone has a hard case attached to it, try and remove it as it may have twisted the screen slightly, causing the ghost touch issue.

Restart your iPhone

Whenever your iPhone has issues, a restart helps to clear any temporary memory or glitches that may cause the problems. To restart iPhone X or later, do this:

  • Hold down the Volume button and Side button
  • When the Power off slider appears, swipe right and the phone will shut down
  • Hold the Side button down again until you see the Apple logo

For iPhone 8 or older, hold the top button and swipe the power off slider to the right. Hold the top button again until the logo appears.

Force restarting your iPhone can also help if the ghost touch issue is severe.

Update the iOS

This helps remove any bugs that could have brought about the ghost touch issue. To do this, go to Settings>General>Software Update>Download and Install (or Install if you already updated it).

Factory Reset/Recovery Mode

This removes underlying software problems so ensure your iPhone is backed up before a factory reset as it wipes all saved data. Set up your iPhone again and restore it from the saved backup. You can also put your iPhone in Recovery Mode if the force restart doesn’t fix ghost touch issues, and reinstall iOS again.

If all else fails, take it to Apple for repair and further assistance.

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