Skype vs. Facebook Messenger – Best Features and Fresh Improvements Comparison

When talking about video call applications, Skype is the veteran on the market. Facebook has appeared much later, but it has stolen our attention quite a lot. Of course, besides these two applications, there are many more that are offering calls, video calls, emoji, games, payments, and many more. Today we are talking about Skype and Facebook Messenger, and we are making a comparison between the two.

  1. Skype – is an application owned by Microsoft, which offers free audio and video calls between users. With Skype, you can even call smartphones or landlines using paid credits all over the world.
  2. Facebook Messenger – because the app is tied to Facebook, it has a large user base. In Messenger, you can make video calls, audio calls, play games, send or receive pictures and payments as well.

The comparison between the two application will be made using Android as a reference, even if both apps are present on more than one platform. In both apps, you can log in by creating a free account, or for Messenger using your Facebook account, and in Skype by using your Microsoft account. Messenger is showing the list of your online friends and the ones you have chatted with. On Skype, instead, you have a professional feeling. You can view the people from your contact list; you can call them or see the calls history. It is clear that Messenger focuses on chats, and Skype is focused on calls.

However, let’s talk about the chat feature. Messenger is coming with shortcuts for chatting; you can send emoji just by taping on the name of your contact. You can share images, voice messages, share location, play games, or create plans for vacation. The Like button is present in the chat, and it has a third-party app that are sending messages with various content.  On the other side, Skype allows you to send text messages, audio messages, images, and you can create a group with 600 members on it, a feature that can’t be possible in Messenger (it has up to 250). No games are present on Skype, no third-party app, just sharing location, contact details, scheduling calls, and sharing files.

Also, Skype comes with different from Microsoft such as Bing, OneDrive, To-Do for creating a list. You can create polls, use TripAdvisor, or share YouTube. While Skype is focusing on planning events and the purpose of working together, Messenger is focusing on games and other things. Both apps have emoji, stickers, and GIFs.

Finally, for the video call section, with Skype, you can call with audio, video, can call a group with 25 people, and you can record the calls. With Messenger, you must open the chat window and call from there. The plus is that you can call up to 50 members in a group, but no landline numbers or mobile. So it depends on your needs and wishes. Both Skype and Messenger are free to use for each platform.d

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