Jailbreak 3.1 is out for iOS versions 11.0 up to 12.1.2

A new jailbreak was unveiled for iOS, but only for the versions 11.0 and up to 12.1.2. The solution has been released on the internet by @Pwn20wnd, an unc0ver associate.

The new tool goes from version 3.0.1 to 3.1 and guarantees enhanced stability, but it won’t function on iPhones and iPads running on iOS 12.2 or later versions.

The hacker stated before releasing the jailbreak that the tool can only be run on iOS with versions 11.0 to 12.1.2.

@Pwn20wnd said that the update enhances the dependability and the performance of the overall system, solves glitches in the jailbreak application, turns it more user-friendly, steady, and comes with support for switching from other iOS 12 jailbreaks “without losing data.”

Considering the fact that unc0ver’s latest jailbreaking tool version was hugely praised when they said that this jailbreak, version 3.1, is the best tool available at the moment, they must know what they are talking about.

Jailbreak users are still asking whether unc0ver plans to expand this new tool and make it functional on iOS devices powered by version 12.2. However, the developing team threw some hints regarding a development that’s on the works which will force open Apple’s mobile operating system and analyze it to create another jailbreak.

Turning the iOS upside down to find its weak points is not such an easy job, but it is possible as security researcher Dany Lisiansky has just recently demonstrated it. Apple has considered him because he discovered three security holes in iOS version 12.2. These weak points have been fixed afterward with the rollout of iOS version 12.3. Lisiansky’s discovery, however, plainly shows that iOS will always have vulnerabilities.

What happens the most is these vulnerabilities open a door for jailbreak creators to continue their work and develop a functioning jailbreak tool. That’s why we say the iOS version 12.2 is not entirely safe, and a jailbreak tool might be revealed soon.

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