Fortnite 9.10 Update – Weapons Improvements, Gameplay Tweaks, Audio Enhancements, and More

Great news for Fortnite fans! The latest update is vast, and it contains more bits of the Fortnite x Jordan crossover. Epic expressed their description of the update: “Show off your moves in the New York City inspired, Downtown Drop LTM by Jordan featuring Creative artists NotNellaf & Tollmolia. Launch off massive jumps, grind down city streets, and collect coins to win!” Epic previously announced that the update would bring an extended downtime, then released patch notes for Fortnite 9.10 update.

These release notes revealed the main new features, which is the addition of several new Hot Spots. These are locations shown in gold text on the map at the beginning of each game that offers more significant amounts of Supply Drops while containing Loot Carriers, that can be shot down to receive higher quality weapons.

Next, there is a list of the most exciting new features that can be found on the patch notes of Fortnite 9.10 update.

Fortnite 9.10 Update Patch Notes – Most Significant Improvements


  • Shadow bombs: reduced availability and drop count;
  • Unvaulted Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle: available in vending machines, chests, floor loot; available in two versions – uncommon and rare;
  • Combat Shotgun: reduced availability;


  • Hot Spots: marked in gold text on the map; minimum of one Hot Spot; 25% chance of two Hot Spots; 5% chance of three Hot Spots;
  • Loot Carriers: include two stacks of ammo + a rare or high-quality weapon; around 12 to 16 in Hot Spots; added crosshair dot while skydiving;


  • Better sounds for enemy jumps;
  • Reduced time for an enemy in-air audio loop;
  • Louder nearby footsteps and landing sounds of enemies;
  • Clearer sound when an enemy confirms an edit within two tiles of your location;
  • Added Headshot and Shield Break sound when they happen simultaneously;

For the full Fortnite 9.10 Update patch notes, you can visit the official blog post about the new update for Fortnite, here.

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