Surface Pen Not Working – Best Solutions To Fix It

surface pen not working

Microsoft’s Surface Pen is a great stylus loaded with functionality that you can use to write, draw, and multitask on your Windows 10 computer. If you find your Surface Pen not working, there are some quick fixes and tested solutions you can use to get your pen back into shape.

FIX: Surface Pen Not Working

Update Windows 10

Sometimes your Surface Pen won’t work without the latest Windows 10 update installation on your Surface device. Update Windows on your Surface to download the latest version of the OS and also update/fix drivers that make the pen run as it should.

To do this:

  • Open Action Center on your Surface device
  • Tap All Settings>Update & Security
  • Now tap Check for Updates button

The device will download any available updates and drivers automatically from Microsoft’s servers. Restart your device manually for the changes to take effect by clicking on the Windows icon and then tap Power>Restart.

Surface Pen Battery

Surface Pen Not Working

A flat battery could be the reason for the Surface Pen not working on your device. All Surface Pens have an AAAA battery powering them.

Press and hold the eraser button and wait for the LED light to turn on. If the light is green, the battery is still active and has charge, if red, replace it as it’s almost flat. No light means its dead.

Pair Surface Pro and Surface Pen

If the LED light is on but the Surface Pen isn’t writing if you touch it on the Surface device’s screen, pair both via Bluetooth. To do this:

  • Open Action Center
  • Tap Settings>Device
  • Find your Surface Pen among the paired devices
  • Tap Remove device and pair it again to fix any connection errors.
  • If the pen isn’t on the list tap Plus (+) button
  • Tap Bluetooth in the new window
  • Tap Surface Pen to pair

Check If You’re Using the Right App

You may be duped to believing that the Surface Pen can draw on any app in Windows 10 from what you see in commercials, but this isn’t true. Sometimes if you find Surface Pen not working, it could be you’re using the wrong app.

Open Windows Ink Workspace to test the stylus by doing this:

  • Tap the pen icon on your taskbar
  • Select Screen sketch then try drawing with the stylus on the screen

If nothing else works, contact Microsoft Support for further assistance.

Image credit: Microsoft

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