Lenovo Unveiled The World’s First Folding PC

Samsung and Huawei may have been the first to showcase foldable devices, but the competition has started to provide alternatives.
During a press event, Lenovo unveiled the first folding PC in the world, in the form of a new Thinkpad laptop which sports a foldable screen. The prototype device is a part of the ThinkPad X1 family but it also in the early stages of development and it doesn’t have a proper name at this time. It is estimated that the first commercial version should be released in 2020.

A folding PC has the potential to become a quick hit on the foldable market. The very nature of a laptop implies that they should be foldable and 2in1 laptops offer the comfort of a keyboard and the flexibility of a large tablet screen. The device presented by Lenovo features a single 12-inch, 2K-capable OLED panel which can be folded in the middle.

Some may say that the new device is a mere gimmick, but Lenovo argues that the laptop will compliment several types of workers, adding that a 140% increase in remote work was observed in the recent years.

Lenovo Unveiled The World’s First Folding PC

During the press conference, Lenovo implied that the new laptop has the potential to be a genuinely universal device, which can be used during the day for a variety of purposes. By folding the device users can use it to access social platforms and verify their schedule. When they are ready to begin work the transition to a full laptop can be completed in a few seconds.

The feat of building such a device was made possible by LG’s Display division, which provided the flexible panel. The device will look quite odd if you are a person who prefers keyboards, and it is likely that a virtual keyboard and touchpad will be provided, along with dedicated hardware accessories.

The association with the ThinkPad X1 family, which is viewed by many as a premium range, could make the device attractive among professionals and enterprise-level customers.

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