Garena Free Fire Latest APK Update Available to Download with New Supplies and Weapons

Battle Royale, the ‘new’ style of gaming has encompassed the gaming industry for a few years now. When talking about games that can be played on smartphones, famous titles such as Fortnite and PUBG Mobile are at the top of the picture, having millions of day-to-day active players. However, these popular games aren’t the sole options one has when it comes to Battle Royale titles that can be played on smartphones.

A game which is pretty alike PUBG Mobile, and even outperforms the aforementioned in a few parts is Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire is an electronic game for mobile operational systems, an action and adventure style of Battle Royale. The title was released by Gerena and developed by 111dots Studio.

Contrary to PUBG Mobile, Free Fire has 50 players who land on an isolated island with parachutes. The players search for weapons and gear which will then use to annihilate other gamers. The starting position of the game is to be chosen by the player. The character can gather supplies and weapons to extend their lifetime in battles.

Garena Free Fire is coming with a newly updated variant, 1.32.0, and a few new major improvements. The game has received tons of updates in the last period with a lot of new features and also graphics aspects. This new update isn’t coming with any new weapons nor it has any optical improvements, but it brings a number of bug fixes and stability updates to make the game operate without any difficulty.

Due to some Garena Free Fire players complaining about too much lag and mishaps during the gameplay, this particular update has been concentrated on solving all these problems and improving the user experience. The update will be soon released via OTA channels and will be accessible on Play Store.

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