New Fuchsia OS Details Revealed By Google

Fuchsia OS has puzzled many tech-savvy people, but Google shared a little information about the futuristic operating system during the latest Google I/O conference.

It is known that Fuchsia OS is an open source project in the vein of the Android Open Source Project (also known as AOSP). The operating system will be able to run across a large selection of devices, starting with smart home accessories and up to high-end devices like smartphones and laptops.

A new, custom-built kernel called zircon is used for development, a move which is quite interesting if we take into account that Android and Chrome OS are based on Linux. A small glimpse of the Fuchsia UI was shown almost two years ago, but it is likely that major changes have been implemented by now.

Google shared new details on Fuchsia OS

The rumor machine has been hard at work, with some sources claiming that the elusive OS was being tested on the Pixelbook. Others claimed that Google is working on an ambitious schedule which anticipated the release of an official Fuchsia device in five years. The popular Google Home Hub (which was rebranded recently as the Nest Hub) is thought to be one of the first devices which will be able to run Fuchsia OS.

According to a statement offered by a high-ranking Google employee to a popular tech news site the Fuchsia aims to reinvent how people look at an operating system. It is far from being a spin-off version of Android or Chrome OS as Google wants to push it to the limits.
One of the main advantages of the new OS is represented by the fact that it can run on everything.

The system will be optimized to work well across several form factors, which is a big step ahead when we take into account the development of unified user experience. In a world where the Internet of Things is starting to gain ground, Fuchsia OS could become quite popular in the long run.

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