iPhone 11 Series: Improved Cameras, AirPods Charging, and “Auto-Correction” Feature in 2019 iPhone Models

We have all recently heard that Apple is excepted to reveal three new 2019 iPhone models this year, in the fall. Mark Gurman and Debby Wu from Bloomberg have shared the fact that they have several expectations for the upcoming iPhone 11 series. We have already heard many of the details as rumors, but let us hear what these two have to say about the new devices.

iPhone 11 series would come with improved cameras

They said that all the three devices will look similar to those present right now, but beyond additional cameras, like the triple-lens rear camera system, that will be found on both of the next devices iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. Also, the dual-lens rear camera system from the next iPhone XR, which came within a square camera bump. Both the successors of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be thicker with half a millimeter.

The third camera from iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will be an ultra-wide-angle lens, which will allow you to get a broader range of zoom. The second rear camera on the next iPhone XR will also enable increased zoom.

2019 iPhone models would be able to charge AirPods and would sport “auto-correction” feature

All three 2019 iPhone models will come with a much faster A13 chip, which is designed by Apple, and made by TSMC. Since April, they have started the early test production and the mass production could start this month. All three of them will come with a feature that allows users to charge the latest AirPods and even other devices by putting them on the back of the devices.

Apple is also working on an “auto-correction feature”, that will fit people back into a photo if they have been accidentally cut out. According to their schedule, Apple should announce the next iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR models sometime in September, but their official names are not known yet. They have been called iPhone 11 or iPhone XI.

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