iPhone and 11 Max Case Leaks Confirmed the Previously Rumored Design Change

There are four months more until Apple reveals the iPhone 11 series. We see more and more leaks every day, with new design changes that are about to come for this year’s iPhone generation.

But before you start celebrating the new design, you should keep in mind the fact that all of them suggest the same thing: Apple has big plans for the camera of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11R – which will, in fact, have an influence in the rear design of the phone. But without that, the design is going to be the same as that on iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

It’s a usual thing to see leaks that talk about things that don’t actually exist. It happens all the time, especially months before the actual release.

iPhone and 11 Max Case Leaks Confirmed the Design Change Previously Rumored

However, in this case, we can see a clear case for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max that matches some other previous leaks regarding the design. The cases are almost identical. The iPhone 11, that comes with a dimension of 5.8 inches and iPhone 11 Max, that comes with a dimension of 6.5 inches, will both have the same design. Same goes for iPhone XS and XS Max.

All the iPhone users that know a bit about Apple devices, will recognize the new design – it will be easy to see the differences between the iPhone 11 and iPhone XS.

We get on the back a square-shaped cut-out in the left corner. There’s a rumor that says that there will be a triple-lens camera. There’s also something on the internet about a mute button, which will look like that on the iPad. But other than that, everything stays the same. The screen design is the same – with the notch at the top. The buttons are placed the same, and the Lightning port is still on the bottom.

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