Samsung Insider: Galaxy Note 10 Won’t Actually Get the Camera Upgrade

We’ve seen how Samsung has to deal with the outcome of the biggest flop, ever since Galaxy Note 7. However, the Galaxy Fold disaster isn’t that bad. The company also works on many new products. Galaxy Note 10 should be revealed in about three months.

The phone will look like those from the Galaxy S10 series in terms of design, and it will come with Note’s remaining signature feature – the S Pen stylus. Many rumors have said that Samsung will come with two different Note 10 versions, each one with 5G. Also, the phone is expected to come with improvement when it comes to the display design, and it will also support faster battery charging – it will be better than before.

But the leaks have shown an amazing camera upgrade, coming from Samsung’s image sensor department that won’t appear in the Galaxy Note 10 series.

Galaxy Note 10 won’t come out with a significant camera upgrade, a Samsung insider said

Samsung has announced earlier this week that some new camera sensors will sound great. The 64-megapixel and 48-megapixel ISOCELL Bright sensors sound great, but that’s not all that matters. Samsung was the first one to engage in war in the previous years when it came to the cameras placed on their flagship phones. However, increasing the number of megapixels will not mean a better camera experience.

According to some sources, the Galaxy Note 10 will not come with the 64-megapixel sensor that Samsung has announced. They also said that the Galaxy S10 will not come with the 48-megapixel sensor either, but that the performance of the camera is better than any phone out there that has 48-megapixel sensors.

Galaxy Note 10 should come with multi-lens main camera modules – same story as the premium S10 phones. The S10 and S10+ come with triple-lens cameras, and S10 5G has four lenses on the back.

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