Microsoft Edge Chromium-based Browser To Reach macOS

We have known since last year after Microsoft announced it that its Microsoft Edge web browser would be changed. One of the modifications included moving to the open-source Chromium engine and providing Mac and MacBooks computers with support for it.

What Can Be Done at the Moment?

If you have a macOS device, you can now get an early version of Microsoft Edge on it. WalkingCat, a Twitter user came against the Microsoft Edge Canary online, and even though it has not been officially announced by Microsoft, there is nothing suspicious about it.

It is not dangerous to try it on your Mac if you want, but keep in mind that this version is for testing purposes and you might get annoyed by unfinished features and bugs.

During the Build 2019 developer conference hosted by Microsoft the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser has been talked about in detail including its features so more should be heard about the Mac version soon.

Microsoft Edge Chromium-based Browser To Reach macOS

There are a few motives why getting the Edge web browser on your macOS would be great. One of those reasons would be that Microsoft will have an additional web browser that works on Mac aside from the Internet Explorer which is about two decades all and another one would be that the Edge was originally a Windows 10-only browser.

Even though Apple users might not actually be excited about a Microsoft web browser, it would be an excellent replacement for the Chromium web browser as Google is not entirely trustworthy when it comes to personal data. Microsoft’s plan to offer Edge availability on numerous platforms is pretty smart because this way it will gain more users.

Soon, Microsoft Edge Chromium-based Internet browser would reach macOS. At the moment, Mac users can only download and install an early build of the browser to check it out.

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