UC Browser Update with Faster File-Sharing Features is Now Available for Download

The best thing about using an Android powered device is the fact that users can pick and choose from millions of apps that are featured on the Google Play Store. There are some fun apps that users can download and then there are apps which are considered as essential. The perfect example of this is downloading and installing a powerful browser on your smartphone in order to enjoy a much faster and featured-packed web browsing experience.

When it comes to mobile browsers, there is one name that comes to everyone’s mind. The name is Google Chrome and the reason why this browser is so popular is because Google pre-installs it on all Android powered devices. However, this doesn’t mean that Google Chrome is the only option that Android fans can pick. UC Browser is another premium app that offers a powerful user experience which can compete against Google Chrome in any given day.

UC Browser Update

The reason why UC Browser is making headlines today is because the developers who are in charge of it have just released a new update. The update sports the version number and it focuses on improving the overall user experience of UC Browser by introducing a bunch of UI (user interface) software optimization tweaks.

The UI software optimization tweaks are not the only improvements that the new update brings. UC Browser fans should be happy to know that the developers of the app have also introduced a bunch of new features that make it easier for them to share news, videos and pages with their friends.

Stable Performances

The last thing that we want to mention about the latest UC Browser update is that it also comes with a handful of bug fixes. These bug fixes are designed to improve the overall stability of UC Browser, thus reducing the chance for the browser to lag or crash.

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